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Lawyer in Monaco, Maeva Zampori at your service

A Monegasque lawyer, Maître Zampori demystifies the legal world with a personalized and innovative approach. With a diverse range of skills, covering civil law, business law, criminal law and more, Maître Zampori guarantees tailor-made support, adapted to the unique needs of each client.


Types of legal services offered by our law firm in Monaco


Plan the transfer of your estate and ensure that your rights as a reserved heir, universal legatee or legatee by particular title are respected.


Meet international legal challenges with our expertise, facilitating your cross-border interactions.


Strengthen your business operations with our guidance in business law, from negotiation to litigation.


Tackle family procedures with our support, for fair and respectful management of family affairs.


Optimize your interactions with public institutions and ensure that your rights as a constituent are respected.

Expertise in local law

Why choose a Monegasque lawyer?

An important choice for which our study can help you

Choosing a lawyer with expertise in local law in Monaco is essential. Laws and regulations in Monaco can be very different from those in other jurisdictions, not least because of the Principality's unique status.

A local lawyer is not only trained to understand these specificities, but is also accustomed to working with Monaco's judicial authorities. This expertise guarantees precise management of your legal affairs while respecting the country's specificities.

Knowledge of the Monegasque market

Knowledge of the local market is another crucial asset of lawyers in Monaco. They possess an in-depth understanding not only of the laws, but also of practice, economic trends and professional networks within the Principality. This knowledge enables Monegasque lawyers to provide strategic and tailored advice, essential for companies operating in Monaco or for individuals residing or investing in the Principality. Whether you are looking to establish a new business, acquire property or resolve a dispute, a lawyer who understands the local economic and social context can offer optimal legal solutions.

These distinctive skills make Monegasque lawyers essential partners for any person or company requiring legal advice or representation before the courts of Monaco. Maître Zampori, lawyer in Monaco, will defend your interests in all circumstances.

Questions to ask your lawyer in Monaco

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our legal services and legal procedures in Monaco. Whether you are a resident of the Principality or an international client, this section is designed to provide you with clear and precise information to help you understand how we can assist you with your legal matters. Please feel free to browse the various questions to find out more about our specializations, the appointment process, and the different methods of dispute resolution available in Monaco.

To make an appointment with Maître Maeva Zampori, our Monaco office offers several convenient and flexible methods to suit your personal preferences:

  1. Online appointments: For maximum convenience, you can book an appointment directly online. Visit our website, where you'll find the integrated booking system that lets you choose a date and time for your consultation according to Maître Zampori's availability.
  2. By phone: If you prefer to arrange your appointment by phone, you can call us on +377 97 70 40 70. Our secretariat will be happy to help you find a time slot that suits your schedule.
  3. By e-mail: You can also send us an e-mail to with your contact details, the subject of your consultation and your availability. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.

We are committed to making the consultation process as accessible and convenient as possible for our customers. Each option is designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience.

Absolutely, our Monaco office is uniquely qualified to represent non-resident clients in the Principality. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in private international law, we are able to provide legal services tailored to the specific needs of foreign or non-resident clients.

Here's how we can help:

  1. Customized legal advice: We offer personalized legal advice that takes into account the specifics of Monaco's legal framework as well as the international implications of your situation.
  2. Managing cross-border complexity: Our mastery of cross-border issues enables us to effectively manage cases involving multiple jurisdictions, ensuring adequate representation whether you are based abroad or have legal interests in Monaco.
  3. Fluid communication: We are committed to maintaining clear and regular communication with you, in several languages, wherever you are. We use all modern technologies to keep you informed of the progress of your case.
  4. Full representation: Whether for litigation, transactions or general advice, we are equipped to act on your behalf in Monaco without you necessarily having to be physically present in the Principality.
  5. Multilingual support: To facilitate communication and legal understanding, we offer services in several languages, meeting the needs of our international customers.

Our aim is to provide you with transparent and efficient legal assistance, guaranteeing that your interests in Monaco are protected, even if you do not live in the country. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific legal needs in more detail.

A lawyer's fee may often seem high, but it's justified by the complexity and value of the legal services provided. Here are the main reasons why investing in specialized legal services is essential:

  1. Specialized expertise: The practice of law requires in-depth knowledge accumulated over many years of study and practical experience. Maeva Zampori's firm has the expertise to successfully navigate the complexities of laws and regulations, ensuring high-quality representation.
  2. Personalized services: Every legal situation is unique and requires detailed attention. We are committed to providing personalized assistance, adapting our strategies to defend your interests in the most effective way possible.
  3. Risk protection: Opting for substandard legal representation can be much more costly in the long run. By choosing our study, you minimize the risk of unfavorable outcomes that could be financially and emotionally onerous.
  4. Long-term savings: By tackling your legal challenges effectively from the outset, we help you avoid unforeseen future costs and protracted litigation, which can often prove extremely costly.

A flat-rate remuneration model

Aware that legal fees in Monaco can be high, our firm can offer a flat-rate remuneration model, which is particularly rare in this profession. This model offers several significant advantages:

  • Cost predictability: With our flat-rate pricing, you know the total cost of our services in advance, so you can manage your budget without worrying about unexpected extra charges.
  • Total transparency: There are no hidden costs. You pay for a complete legal solution, regardless of the number of hours required.
  • Focusing on your interests: Our fixed-price pricing model allows us to focus our efforts on achieving the best possible results for you, rather than on the number of hours worked.

The choice of a lawyer should be guided by value, not cost alone. By entrusting your representation to the firm of Maître Zampori, you benefit from first-rate legal expertise, tailored specifically to your needs, with a transparent and predictable cost. We invite you to contact us to discuss your legal needs and find out how we can help you effectively protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Our firm in Monaco specializes in several areas of law, offering in-depth expertise and tailor-made legal advice. Here are our areas of specialization:

  1. Civil law: We are experts in civil law, including the law of obligations and contracts, as well as the law of securities, providing essential legal advice to secure your transactions and protect your rights.
  2. Inheritance law: Plan the transfer of your estate and ensure that your rights are respected as a reserved heir, universal legatee or legatee by particular title.
  3. Private international law: We offer specialized services in the field of private international law, dealing with complex issues relating to legal relationships between individuals and legal entities located in different countries.
  4. Business law: Our expertise provides robust support for all your commercial affairs.
  5. Family law: We offer legal assistance in all areas of family law, from divorce proceedings to child custody cases.
  6. Public law: We help you navigate the complexities of public law, including interactions between companies and government authorities.
  7. Intellectual property law: Protect your creations with our expertise in intellectual property law, guaranteeing that your rights are respected and secured.
  8. Criminal law: We offer a rigorous and strategic defense in all aspects of criminal law, representing you effectively before the criminal courts.
  9. Labor law: Our firm deals with labor law issues and social regulations, helping companies to comply with current legislation and manage disputes with their employees.
  10. Family Office: We provide legal advice tailored to your specific needs and manage your move to Monaco.

Each specialization is supported with conviction by Maître Zampori, who is committed to offering precise, strategic solutions tailored to the specific needs of his clients.

Resolving a dispute in Monaco does not necessarily mean going to court. Depending on the nature of the dispute and the preferences of the parties involved, they may prefer to settle by compromise.

  1. The transactional route: negotiations with the assistance of a lawyer
    - Definition: Negotiation is a communication process in which several parties discuss specific proposals with a view to reaching a mutual agreement, on one or more issues. In this context, lawyers help and assist the parties to reach a mutual agreement.
    - Process: Lawyers facilitate discussion and propose solutions to help the parties resolve their conflict consensually. The process is confidential and informal.
    - Advantages: Negotiation is often faster and less costly than legal proceedings. It enables the parties to retain control over the outcome of the dispute.
  2. Arbitration: an alternative dispute resolution method
    - Definition: Arbitration is a process whereby disputes are decided by one or more arbitrators, whose decision is binding.
    - Process: The parties choose a neutral arbitrator and agree on the terms of the arbitration. The process may be more formal than a transactional one, but remains less restrictive than traditional legal proceedings.
    - Advantages: Arbitration offers a faster resolution of the dispute, with more flexible procedures than those before the courts. Arbitration decisions are generally easier to enforce internationally than court judgments.
  3. The judicial route: bringing a case before the Monegasque Courts
    - Process: More complex disputes, or those that cannot be resolved by compromise or arbitration, are brought before the courts. The process begins with the plaintiff bringing the case before the Courts or, in the criminal field, with the filing of a complaint.
    - Trial phases: During the trial, the parties present their arguments, evidence and testimony in written pleadings ("conclusions"). These pleadings are exchanged between the parties and handed over to the court, which will then hand down its decision.
    - Enforcement of the decision: Once the decision has been handed down, it must be enforced. If the defaulting party fails to comply with the decision, enforcement measures may be taken.

In Monaco, parties choose the dispute resolution method that best suits their needs. Whether through amicable or judicial proceedings, our firm is ready to assist you every step of the way, providing the expertise and support you need to navigate Monaco's legal system effectively.

Maeva Zampori is a duly recognized lawyer in the Principality of Monaco. She is a member of the Ordre des Avocats de Monaco, an institution grouping together the Principality's trainee lawyers, barristers and solicitors. These legal professionals adhere to rigorous criteria of competence and professional ethics.

In accordance with article 9 of Law no. 1.047 of July 28, 1982 on the practice of the professions of avocat-défenseur and avocat, no person may effectively practice law unless he has taken the following oath before the Court of Appeal:

"I swear loyalty to the Prince and obedience to the laws of the Principality; I swear, in the exercise of my profession, not to say or write anything contrary to the laws, morality and public peace, and to respect, by the measure of my words, the dignity of the courts, magistrates and established authorities".

You can consult his page on the Monaco Bar Directory for more information.

In addition to her membership of theMonaco Bar, Maître Zampori is also a member of the prestigious firm " 99 AVOCATS ASSOCIES ". She joined the firm in 2021, immediately after being admitted to the Monegasque Bar, and was trained there by Maître Thomas GIACCARDI, who was her training supervisor, alongside Maître Thomas BREZZO and Maître Erika BERNARDI. The firm is renowned for its excellence and commitment to providing the highest quality legal services to its clients. Maître Zampori's collaboration with this firm is a testament to her expertise and commitment to the legal profession.

Why choose Maeva Zampori for your legal representation in Monaco?

  1. Local expertise and professional recognition: As a member of the Monaco Bar Association and "99 Avocats", Maître Zampori benefits from in-depth knowledge of the Monegasque legal system and is recognized by his peers for his integrity and competence.
  2. Superior legal services: Maître Zampori's affiliation with "99 Avocats" ensures that all clients receive the highest standards of legal assistance, whether for complex matters or day-to-day legal advice.
  3. Commitment to excellence: Maître Zampori's active participation in ongoing training and professional activities ensures that she remains at the cutting edge of legal developments and best practices, increasing the chances of success for her clients.

Choosing Maître Maeva Zampori as your lawyer in Monaco not only guarantees you first-rate legal representation, but also a partnership with a professional who is deeply rooted and respected in Monaco's legal fabric. If you have any legal questions or would like a consultation, we invite you to contact our firm for expert, personalized advice.

How do I become a lawyer in Monaco?

Becoming a lawyer in Monaco is a structured and regulated path, designed to guarantee the competence and professional ethics required to practice law in this unique jurisdiction. Here are the key stages and requirements for those aspiring to join the legal profession in the Principality of Monaco, as stipulated by Law no. 1047 of July 28 1982 and Sovereign Order no. 8089 of September 17 1984.

  1. Basic conditions:
  • Be of Monegasque nationality.
  • Enjoy civil rights and be of good character.
  • Hold a master's degree in law from a French law school, or a diploma deemed equivalent.
  • Not registered with a foreign bar.
  • Pass a specific entrance exam.
  1. Trainee lawyer:
  • The internship lasts three years, during which time the trainee lawyer must regularly attend hearings, defend cases under legal aid or ex officio commissions, and be attached to the office of an avocat-défenseur.
  • You are also required to attend lectures and practical training courses in the various jurisdictions.
  1. Admission to practice:
  • On satisfactory completion of the training period, the trainee lawyer may be admitted to practice as a lawyer by order of the Director of Judicial Services.
  • After five years of practice deemed sufficient and satisfactory, a lawyer may apply for admission to the profession of avocat défenseur, with appointment by Sovereign Order.
  1. Role and rights of lawyers in Monaco:
  • Avocats-défenseurs and avocats have the right to plead before all courts and to represent parties, with specifications concerning avocats-stagiaires who, although they can plead before most courts, cannot represent parties.
  • Lawyers in Monaco, whether avocats-défenseurs or simple avocats, are also entitled to freely set their fees for certain non-priced services, in addition to the fixed emoluments allocated to them by law.
  1. Professional organization:
  • Avocats-défenseurs, avocats and avocats-stagiaires are members of the Ordre des avocats-défenseurs et avocats près la Cour d'appel de Monaco, a body with legal personality and administered by an elected council.

This strict regulation of the legal profession in Monaco ensures that only the most qualified and dedicated can offer legal services in the Principality, guaranteeing protection and legal representation of the highest quality. Maître Maeva Zampori, as a member of this regulated framework, but also of the renowned Etude "99 Avocats", embodies the commitment to excellence and professionalism in the practice of law in Monaco.