Expertise of our law firm in Monaco


List of competences of Maître Zampori Lawyer in Monaco

Civil Law

Easily navigate the law of obligations and contracts with our solid expertise in civil law, ensuring the security of your transactions between individuals and companies.

Inheritance law

Plan the transfer of your estate and ensure that your rights as a reserved heir, universal legatee or legatee by particular title are respected.

International Private Law

Meet international legal challenges with our expertise, facilitating your cross-border interactions.

Business Law

Strengthen your business operations with our guidance in business law, from negotiation to litigation.


Get strategic commercial law advice to help navigate the complexities of business transactions and resolve disputes, optimizing business results.

real estate and construction law

Take advantage of our specialized expertise in real estate and construction law to secure your investments and efficiently manage all the legal aspects of your development projects.


Tackle family procedures with our support, for fair and respectful management of family affairs.

Public Law

Optimize your interactions with public institutions and ensure that your rights as a constituent are respected.

Intellectual Property Law

Protect and enhance the value of your creations with our expertise in intellectual property, from registration to enforcement.

Criminal Law

Benefit from proactive and rigorous criminal defense to protect your fundamental rights and freedom.

Employment law

Manage your employment law obligations efficiently with our assistance, from contract drafting to litigation.

Family Office

Optimize the management of your family wealth with our specialized services for Family Offices, ensuring the long-term future of your assets.

Exceptional Jurisdiction in Monaco - Maître Maeva Zampori

In the heart of Monaco, Maître Maeva Zampori embodies a new generation of lawyers: young, dynamic, willing and fast. At the head of her law firm, she offers an extensive range of legal services, covering all aspects of the law with exemplary efficiency and precision. A member of the Monaco Bar, Maître Zampori can assist you with all your legal needs.

Maître Zampori has developed expertise in crucial areas such as civil law, where she ensures the protection of the interests of individuals and legal entities thanks to a complete mastery of the law of obligations and contracts.

Its proactive approach to business, commercial, real estate and construction law ensures that all commercial operations, transactions and development projects are carried out with the highest level of legal competence. In addition, our expertise in private international law enables our clients to navigate the complexities of cross-border business without hindrance.

In family law, Maître Zampori brings a personal and sensitive touch, treating each case with the care and attention it deserves, whether it involves divorce, child custody or intra-family inheritance. His defense of criminal law is equally vigorous, resolutely protecting the fundamental rights and freedom of his clients.

Maître Zampori's specialized advisory and family office services in Monaco provide unrivalled assistance with applications to obtain a residence permit in the Principality, or with more specific requests such as organizing the transfer of assets.

When you choose Maeva Zampori, you choose a lawyer in Monaco who not only understands the scope of your legal needs, but also acts quickly and effectively to protect and strengthen your interests in all areas of the law.

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Expertise, Maeva Zampori at your service

A Monegasque lawyer, Maître Zampori demystifies the legal world with a personalized and innovative approach. With a diverse range of skills, covering civil law, business law, criminal law and more, Maître Zampori guarantees tailor-made support, adapted to the unique needs of each client.